(seeing hate for regular show) i totally respect that. i’ll admit that it isn’t what it used to be and it has problems with writing romance and fema (seeing hate for eileen) i…. WOAH. no need to get crazy now.

rigleen :>

thing i hate: that the one rigleen hug in the comics technically isn’t canon

thing i love: that it utilized development for both rigby and eileen and made them better characters


wow gravity falls season 2 looks great

i’ve decided that i’m not gonna draw a promo thing for gravity falls season 2 so i spent 2 and a half hours making little bill ciphers and putting them in a chain

they look p decent so far!



Where’s the “Get out before I die” option?

Where’s the “Summon the isosceles yellow demon” option?


Going on my iPhone is such a treat right now

eileen’s dad looks like a short man with eileen’s face and mouth pasted on


heheh awwwww